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24 May 2017Road to Bali: From Javanese Temples to Balinese Dance
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22 February 2017Lawrence of Arabia
25 January 2017Jane Austen.
23 November 2016The Gilded Stage: A Social and Cultural History of Opera
26 October 2016The Art Market: How Does It Work?
28 September 2016Underground Cathedrals: Architecture of London Underground, above and below street level.
13 July 2016The Master: Noel Coward as Writer, Actor & Painter
22 June 2016Tapestry: The Ultimate Wall Decoration

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Road to Bali: From Javanese Temples to Balinese Dance
Denis Heywood
Wednesday 24 May 2017

In 1804 Sir Stamford Raffles discovered Borobodur, the magnificent temple hidden for centuries under volcanic ash. Constructed in the 8th century and mysteriously abandoned, it is an earthly manifestation of the Buddhist vision of the universe, covered with radiant narrative carvings.

This lecture looks at this and other temples, including Prambanan, where carved reliefs illustrate ancient forms of sacred dance performed at Java’s royal court and emulated in Bali. It reveals the exquisite dances from the Hindu island of Bali where religious rituals are central to the way of life.