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24 January 2018From Renaissance Sugar Sculpture to 3D Printing
28 February 2018London’s Changing Skyline: Past, Present and Future
21 March 2018Plants tell stories: Murder most Florid
25 April 2018A Load of Old Balls
23 May 2018Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
27 June 2018Same Old, Same New

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From Renaissance Sugar Sculpture to 3D Printing Tasha Marks Wednesday 24 January 2018


A whistle-stop tour of the history of food as artistic medium; starting with 16th century sugar sculpture and venturing all the way up to 3D dessert printing and beyond! This exploration into the realms of dessert as spectacle includes an accompanying display to illustrate and enhance the historic subject.

Topics covered include: the origins of dessert; the crossover between sugar and art; architecture and dessert, including Renaissance banqueting houses; the shift of dessert from luxury, to fashion, to ritual; sugar and spectacle - display and decadence - old and new; ways of seeing - food as artistic medium; and food futures - 3D printing & technology.