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London’s Changing Skyline: Past, Present and Future Anthea Streeter Wednesday 28 February 2018

The first part of this lecture gives a thumbnail sketch of how the City grew upwards from Great Fire of 1666 to the late 19th century. Victorian icons such as the picturesque Palace of Westminster upstream and the famous Tower Bridge, seen under construction from early photographs, are included. The second part concentrates on 20th and 21st centuries. Richard Seifert’s designs of 1960s and '70s altered the skyline in a major way, particularly his prominent NatWest Tower (Tower 42). Now, in the 21st century, a cluster of new tall buildings has been skilfully woven into the City’s fabric, the first of which was Foster Associates’ ‘Gherkin’. 73 floors would seem to be the limit to London’s future tall buildings, owing to the Civil Aviation Authority’s height restriction of 1,000 ft.